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Do You Have Student Loans?

You are probably wondering if you will ever pay your Federal student loans off. Like most people in the Greater Chicagoland area, you look at the amount you owe and the considerable monthly payment. You might wonder how you will buy a house, start a family, or purchase a car.  You may have already run into problems paying the loans and are not sure what to do.

We hear you and understand!

Why You Need a Student Loan Lawyer

Debt Settlement Companies can be Expensive

Debt settlement companies may charge up to 25% to help you manage your debt. This may be a percentage of the amount you’ve agreed to pay or a percentage of the original amount of your debt.

Student Loan Lawyers are Your Advocate

A lawyer who has received training in Student Loan Law understands the details and requirements of recent legislation and can negotiate with servicers on your behalf. Debt companies often understand only the business side, not the legal aspects of your situation.

Student Loan Attorneys Provide a Personalized Plan

There are nearly 20 different options when it comes to student loan repayment plans. Student Loan Attorneys can help you determine which you are eligible for and which can best meet your budget needs and goals. There is more to student loan law than repay, consolidate or forgive.

We Are Student Loan Law Professionals

At Schottler & Associates, we know all the student loan plans that can help you reduce your monthly payment, qualify you for the variety of forgiveness programs, and more.  We are trained in this area of law and may be able to help even if other firms could not.

We can assist you with your student loan concerns separately or as part of your entire legal/financial situation.

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Did You Know … ?


You are not required to pay off the entire balance of your federal student loans?


You may lower your monthly payment by simply filing forms, no “Approval” is needed?


You can change your payment plan or amount as often as your living situation changes?

We know.  And, we can help you to know as well.  Different circumstances mean different approaches, strategies and implementations. Don’t let others tell you your options without having a trained Student Loan Lawyer review your exact scenario!

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Why can’t I just talk to a student loan attorney about my loans?

We know that talking to an attorney can make you feel more comfortable and ease the stress faster than having to go through a process. However, student loan law is very particular about what, how, and when things can be done. We want to give you the most accurate information as it pertains specifically to you and not some generic rehearsed script that tells you nothing.

Once we conduct your review and we have determined options, we can schedule an Analysis where we go through the options in detail, set your strategy, and then implement a solution.



Mark R. Schottler

Mark Schottler has been practicing law since 1996 and has extensive experience in the area of probate. He is honored to serve residents in the areas of Riverside, IL, Chicagoland, and Cook County, Illinois, among others.

He is a graduate of the JD/MBA program at Marquette University, earning both a law degree from the Law School and an MBA from the Graduate School of Management. Mark Schottler is currently licensed to practice law in Illinois.

Mark is dedicated to helping you make the right decisions when creating a will or trust to ensure your values are protected and your loved ones are taken care of.

Mark is passionate about the topic of probate and educating clients on the process. Probate is a largely misunderstood process that can attribute its bad reputation to the professional fees associated with it. Mark Schottler has made a point to educate his Chicagoland clients, as well as to help guide them through the process of probate in order to help establish ownership and help his clients protect their assets and their loved ones.

From educating his clients on the process of probate and estate planning to guiding them step by step, the firm of Schottler & Associates is committed to offering superior legal services to residents in the Chicagoland and Riverside, IL areas.

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