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Schottler & Associates practices in probate, real estate law, bankruptcy, and estate planning in Chicago. We are able to focus on specific areas of practice to offer you the best, most comprehensive legal care available in the Chicago area. Wherever your legal issue falls, we can meet you there and help guide you.


Probate is an often inconvenient legal process that occurs after a person’s death. It dictates how assets are divided up and can be a rather lengthy process. How long the probate process takes depends on many different factors – one of the biggest being if a person dies testate or intestate. Testate means there is a valid will in place, while intestate means a person dies without a will or the will is proven invalid.

There are many factors that determine what does and does not pass through probate. An experienced probate lawyer can answer questions about the overall estate value, taxes and debts, and assets placed in trusts. Probate is a complex process that can be made easier with experienced legal advice. Schottler & Associates is the best probate attorney Chicago has to offer. Learn more about probate here.

Real Estate

When selling your home, there are so many things to consider. With such a big purchase can come many opportunities for error. Hiring a real estate attorney can provide you with the expertise you need to make informed decisions during the selling process. Many sellers are hurt by holes in their sell agreements. An experienced real estate attorney can draft and finalize documents that will protect you, the seller, completely. An attorney will also be up to date on all laws and regulations in the state of Illinois in regard to real estate sales and foreclosures.

An experienced real estate attorney can help sellers with financial disputes between themselves and the buyer. When going through the property, things can arise such as repair issues, and having an attorney can help the two parties successfully navigate who will pay for what, fairly. While Illinois doesn’t require a real estate attorney Chicago recommends having one to protect your interests and your investments, and to protect you from the unexpected. Learn more about our real estate attorneys here.


Bankruptcy is an intimidating process to go through and is very misunderstood by most. While it seems overwhelming, it was actually created to provide individuals and business owners with a fresh start. If you’ve ruled out all other options, bankruptcy could be right for you.

Schottler & Associates is the best bankruptcy attorney in Chicago. Mark Schotter works with clients to help them file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Having an experienced bankruptcy attorney can answer any questions you may have about the process and can help you take the next steps. Bankruptcy doesn’t wipe out every debt, so if you have questions about what debts will be taken care of, set up a consultation with an attorney. We offer free 30 minute consultations to help determine first if bankruptcy is right for you, and then to answer any questions you have about it. Get more information on bankruptcy here.

Estate Planning

Every adult, regardless of age, should have an estate plan in place. One never knows when they might become incapacitated or pass unexpectedly. Having a valid estate plan can ensure your final wishes are upheld and everyone you want to inherit assets will. Estate planning can include many things, and having an experienced estate planning attorney can help in creating a valid, all-encompassing plan.

An estate planning attorney can help you identify your needs as they pertain to living wills & final wills, various powers of attorney, trusts(including living trusts), bonds & investments, social security, guardianship, income & estate tax planning, funerary arrangements, and more. If you have questions about setting up an estate plan, get in touch with an estate planning attorney Chicago based at Schottler & Associates. Learn more about estate planning here.

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Can’t praise Mark enough. I was very nervous about this and he allayed my fears, answered all my questions and e-mails, and put me totally at ease. I would recommend his firm to anyone.
Deborah Z.

I’ve known Mark Schottler for several years now, any problems I have, Mark is always there with the remedy. His knowledge is precise and on point. Any co-workers, associates, or family members that need assistance, Mark is the first person I call.


Mark Schottler was referred to us by a relative. We are certainly glad for the referral. Although, we thought Mark would be at the hearing so we could ask questions. Our questions were answered by another attorney. No problem. Mark is friendly, honest, quick to respond to our return calls and an awesome attorney! Thank you for your services we will refer you to our friends and associates.

Nathaniel L.

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Mark Schottler of Schottler & Associates has been practicing law since 1996. He has paired his experience with a team of qualified and competent attorneys to create one of the best practices in Chicago. We focus on probate, bankruptcy, estate planning, and real estate law. Not only does our skill exceed expectation, but our care for our clients is unmatched. We are knowledgeable, empathetic, and detail oriented. We take the time to get to know our clients’ situations, and proceed using the best practices for success in whatever area they need. We know we can help you. We offer free 30 minute consultations so you can better understand your situation and can see first hand how we can help you. If you’re a Chicago resident, set up your consultation today.

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