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Selling a property, especially a home, can be end up being rather complicated and tends to be very stressful. Sellers already need to work through a real estate agent to list the property, which in turn means paying a good bit in commission fees. Hiring a real estate attorney can be extremely beneficial to you to ensure your sale goes smoothly.

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Selling your home is hard work. Hiring a real estate attorney may sound like it’s just one more task to add to the pile, especially since the state of Illinois doesn’t legally require you to have one. Our goal is to provide you with the knowledge and expertise you need to make informed decisions during the selling process.

Why You Need a Real Estate Attorney

Real Estate Attorneys Are Up-to-Date on Pertinent Laws and Regulations

Property conveyance is a much more complicated process than inexperienced sellers may expect. Unlike real estate agents, a real estate attorney can advise sellers on complicated issues such as short sales and foreclosures, as well as income tax consequences of closing a sale.

Attorneys Can Ensure All Agreements Protect the Seller

Numerous documents are required throughout the sale process, and a lawyer can ensure that each avoids vague language that could otherwise leave sellers on the hook for unforeseen legal problems, especially if a home is for sale by owner. Even if a seller uses a realtor, there are brokerage agreements that can benefit from the use of an attorney.

Attorneys Can Help Navigate Potential Legal Quandaries

Issues may pop up throughout the process of selling your house, such as the repair problems identified in an inspection report. Dispute resolutions can be built into the purchase agreement. Hiring an attorney can better ensure that both the buyer and seller come to an equitable agreement about who has to pay for what, as well as ensure that contracts clearly reflect that agreement to avoid further disputes

Attorneys Can Assist You with Escrow and Closing Details

While the buyer has more responsibilities to handle during escrow than the seller does, this is often where problems crop up or contingencies are triggered. An attorney can both ensure you keep up your end of the deal and protect you and your interests if the buyer doesn’t hold up theirs. Last minute disputes can even surprise you at the closing itself. Being the only person at that meeting who doesn’t have a lawyer can put your rights at risk.

Having an Attorney is a Powerful Resource for FSBO Sellers

FSBO (for sale by owner) property sellers do not have the same resources as those who choose a realtor. Sellers don’t often have the knowledge of the and outs of the process of buying and selling a home. A real estate attorney can provide the expertise to protect FSBO sellers and ensure their best interests are protected throughout the entire selling process.

Assistance in Mitigating Risks, Costs, and Fees

No matter how successful or helpful your real estate agent is, should you choose one, they aren’t going to be capable of giving you legal advice. Having a lawyer to help you start the process can protect you from simple mistakes during a complicated process. A real estate attorney can also protect you from what you aren’t expecting. They can keep you informed about all your obligations, such as payments toward property taxes for the home, transfer taxes, title fees, and more.

You Might Be Asking Yourself, “Do I Really Need an Attorney?”

Are there or have there been judgments or liens against you?
Do you live in a problematic area, such as one known to have radon issues?
Are you an estate executor handling a property for a decedent?
Did you inherit the property as a beneficiary of a will or other estate plan?
Is the property a joint tenancy, or do you have a non-cooperative partner?
Is there a question as to the quality of the property, or is it in a known state of distress?
Does your knowledge about the property make you think you could have a problem closing, such as restrictions from a prior owner?
Do you have questions about the state of your property title?

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Mark R. Schottler

Mark Schottler has been practicing law since 1996 and has extensive experience in the area of probate. He is honored to serve residents in the areas of Riverside, IL, Chicagoland, and Cook County, Illinois, among others.

He is a graduate of the JD/MBA program at Marquette University, earning both a law degree from the Law School and an MBA from the Graduate School of Management. Mark Schottler is currently licensed to practice law in Illinois.

Mark is dedicated to helping you make the right decisions when creating a will or trust to ensure your values are protected and your loved ones are taken care of.

Mark is passionate about the topic of probate and educating clients on the process. Probate is a largely misunderstood process that can attribute its bad reputation to the professional fees associated with it. Mark Schottler has made a point to educate his Chicagoland clients, as well as to help guide them through the process of probate in order to help establish ownership and help his clients protect their assets and their loved ones.

From educating his clients on the process of probate and estate planning to guiding them step by step, the firm of Schottler & Associates is committed to offering superior legal services to residents in the Chicagoland and Riverside, IL areas.

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